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Death Metal Angola @ OSCAR2015

Alguma Noticias Sobre o DOCUMENTÁRIO que já esta a venda no iTunes desde o dia 27 de Novembro de 2014...

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O Death Metal Angolano Está Vivo E Recomenda-Se!

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Huambo nos Óscares 2015

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Henkka wanted to let you know about this fantastic movie DEATH METAL ANGOLA. Check out his video and more about the movie here:

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"An inspired film," DEATH METAL ANGOLA, "is a beautiful surprise; gentle and kind yet powered by ferocious music. So to Ferreira and Wilker, and the legacy they will leave in their rock 'n rolling orphans." Twitch

Unlocking the Truth soundcheck. Full performance after screening of DEATH METAL ANGOLA

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"There's a nonfiction film playing in NYC this week (and some other cities) that offers a rare view inside Angola, a country that is largely closed to outside reporters.

Jeremy Xido's Death Metal Angola takes place in Huambo (in the country's interior, founded as Nova Lisboa, a colonial railroad terminal, in the early 20th century.) Unfortunately for its residents, Huambo was a UNITA stronghold; Jonas Savimbi declared it to be his capital. So it was bombed practically out of existence, from the ground (including street-to-street battles) but mostly from the air, by the MPLA (i.e., by the Angolan government) and was in ruins from about '94 on. Now the guns are silent; the Angolan Civil War ended in 2002.

That's not what the movie's about, but that's the background that explains the movie's landscape. DMA follows the attempt to stage Angola's first death metal festival, with Angolan bands, at an orphanage for boys (the movie's unanswered question is: what happened to the girls?) in Huambo. The performance footage is compelling -- the cathartic effects of this style of music have never been better displayed. And I take my hat off to anyone who can make a movie in Angola." Ned Sublette


TONIGHT ONLY!! Unlocking the Truth + DEATH METAL ANGOLA BACK TO BACK AT CINEMA VILLAGE, NYC! 7pm screening of DMA, Sat Nov 22nd


Get your ticket here :
 — com Tom Pearson e 49 outras pessoas em Cinema Village.


Critically acclaimed film, DEATH METAL ANGOLA now available on iTunes. Get your copy here : 

For you in New York City Join us for the premiere TONIGHT at 7pm at Cinema Village. Q&A with director Jeremy Xido and writer/musician/raconteur extraordinaire Greg Tate. Followed by an Afterparty at littlefield hosted by the Black Rock Coalition.

Come and celebrate what has been an extraordinary journey thus far!

Get your tickets here :


DEATH METAL ANGOLA and Unlocking the Truth featured in MTV News

"The film, directed by Jeremy Xido, follows orphanage employee Sonia Ferreira and her death metal musician boyfriend Wilker Flores as they attempt to put together Angola’s first-ever national rock concert — all in the shadow of years of warfare that shattered families and left thousands of children without homes. Metal acts as a form of release for the people of Huambo — the second biggest city in Angola — and for Ferreira and Flores, who pour their own money and resources into the event."


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